Lordswill Academy

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Background Information

executive directorLordswill Academy was established by a seven member Board of Directors on 29th October, 2009 and founded by Dr. (Mrs.) F.E.E.Umoh. The school took off with the Secondary arm with Master Michael Dennis as the pioneer student, seven (7) Staff and three (3) NYSC members.

The Primary arm started off on 27th April, 2010 with Master Nic Brian Okoko as the pioneer pupil. Since then, enrolment has been on the increase with a total number of over two hundred and twenty (220) pupils/students presently.

Lordswill Academy consists of Pre-school (Foundation), Kindergarten, Primary, Junior and Senior Secondary schools. It is a co-educational institution staffed by well-qualified and experienced teachers, with a modern ICT infrastructure, well-furnished library, well-equipped laboratory, fully air-conditioned class rooms and offices located in an environment conducive for learning.


  • Red House
  • Blue House
  • Yellow House
  • Green House


‘Perfect Link to Excellence’.


To provide & guarantee complete and competitive education to children in line with dynamic global challenges.


To foster the development of a total child through self-paced learning and be noted for dynamic academic excellence, integrity, leadership, ethical standard and skills acquisition.

 OUR CORE SKILLS                                    

  • Self Management skills
  • Social and Cooperative skills
  • Literacy  and Numeric skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Information skills
  • Thinking Skills and Creativity
  • Knowledge Application Skills


  • Sound Moral and Ethical Principles
  • Character and Social Development
  • Promotion of Physical, Emotional and Psychological Development
  • Holistic Child Development

It is envisioned that students at the end of their stay at Lordswill Academy would have acquired these core skills and values.


We the members of Lordswill community are reliable, responsible and honourable; I affirm that I will uphold the highest principle of honesty, transparency and integrity. I pledge that I will not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do. I will report myself or others for any infraction of this pledge.


Little by little I pledge; moment by moment I shall improve, learning every day.    

I shall not spend all my time in play.