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Resumption Newsletter - 2nd Term 2013/2014 Academic Session

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With joy in our hearts, we thank the Almighty God for granting all our esteemed parents/guardians, staff and scholars a joyful Christmas and End of Year celebrations, journey mercies and good health throughout the festive period. We welcome you into 2014! To God be the glory!!

We also appreciate all our distinguished parents who through their gifts, prayers and presence, made our 2013 Christmas/End of year party a grand success. May God bless you all!

We warmly welcome you to this term which promises to be more fulfilling. It is our ernest prayer that this term will be eventful and successful.


We observed a slight improvement in punctuality of scholars to school in the just concluded term. Our expectation is high as there is a lot of room for  improvement since this forms part of our character development training for LWA scholars. On the challenge of late school bus pickup and drop off, the PTA has graciously set up an action committee to find a lasting solution. We thank you PTA for the steps so far, while we continue to appeal to parents to prepare their children early for pick up. From this term, parents of scholars who are brought to school after 8:00am would be requested to sign the register at the security post.


We wish to appeal to our esteemed parents to encourage their child(ren)/wards to be more studious and hardworking. On our part, series of trainings have been organized for teachers with respect to a more efficient service delivery. Henceforth, scholars are expected to be more committed to their studies in the areas of;

-  Note taking,

-  Active class participation,

-  Assignments/projects completion, presentations & defense. Be rest assured of a robust academic term. Welcome on board.


We thank all the parents who kept faith with our communication book by reading and responding to the issues raised. We use this medium to appeal to others to key into this opportunity and monitor their child(ren)/wards’ daily progress.


We wish to encourage our esteemed parents to continue to partner with the school to instill and maintain discipline and sound morals amongst scholars. Parents should also respond to invitations to conferencing with the school management whenever the need arises, as this is meant to further better the lives of our future leaders.

On this note, we appeal to our esteemed parents to always make out time to respond to Conference calls concerning our children. We will not relent in our efforts to bring up a breed of well-disciplined and academically sound future leaders.


In line with the CBN regulations on cashless financial transactions, with effect from this term. We will only accept payment of fees through any of the following:

-       Fund Transfer through direct instant platform via individual banks.

-      At the school via POS.

-       On Line Payment via the school portal.

As the case maybe, parents should ensure that the names of their child(ren) with their respective classes are clearly written for ease of identification. We enjoin parents who are yet to settle their child(ren) bills to kindly do so to enable us serve them better. We trust God to always meet your needs. 


In order to save cost, the school will no longer distribute hard copies of newsletter, but appeal to parents to access newsletters through their mail addresses or through the Parent’s portal of our website.


Once again, great volunteers have begun to emerge and we hail them for volunteering their services. This term, ahead of the commencement, we have the following:

The new PTA Chairman Mr. Edward Okeke, has volunteered to teach the children Crafts during the career week.

Mrs. Ifeoma Enwefah has volunteered to teach the children Bead Making.

Dr. and Dr. (Mrs.) Titus Ibekwe (President, Nigerian Medical Association, Abuja Chapter) will be providing a free Medical Check up between the 10th & 14th day of March, 2014. We welcome parents, teachers, loved ones/friends and await your consent letters for your child(ren)s’ check up.


Our parents have won it!

We love our scholars and we encourage our parents to buy our meals. So, it was easy for us to give in to the popular demand for price reduction. Wow! It’s a 10% reduction. Rush now to buy our meal tickets for your child(ren) and let them enjoy the hot cuisine from LWA kitchen. Your child(ren) must not miss out!

LWA meals, always delicious!!


LWA will be presenting her third batch of students for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in May, 2014. As usual, our students will be taking both National Examination Council (NECO) and Education Resource Council (ERC) examinations. The cost implication of these examinations has been included in the terms fee bill of the affected students. We appeal to our esteemed parents of the TCE 3 graduating class to complete all payment of their child(ren)’s fees not later than March, 2014.

In our continued effort to give our child(ren) qualitative education geared towards academic excellence, during the PTA meeting held on Saturday 16th November 2013, the following decisions were taken:

- Academic Detention of Students:

    Students who are found wanting in note taking, submission of projects; assignments should be held back in school to complete such tasks, subject to the prior notification of parents to pick up their child(ren) on such days.

Extension Classes:

    With effect from this Term, extension classes would be held for all TCE3 and BCE2 classes running through Mondays to Thursdays (between 3 – 5pm) and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12 noon. This will accord the school ample time to prepare the students better. 


  •    All home based projects are to be submitted on or before 17th February, 2014.
  •      All EDs’ assignments given from her office must be submitted on or before the 17th January, 2014.
  •      We sincerely apologize to new parents whose children are yet to get ID cards. This would be sorted out immediately.
  •      All Christian parents should provide their wards with a revised standard version of the Bible.
  •      Parents are enjoined to provide Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, or Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary for their wards.
  •      Parents are enjoined to provide all the Project materials required to enable scholars carry out the projects given to them.
  •      Parents should encourage children on constant handwriting practice.
  •      Parents should always fill and return the complaint forms anytime they are given.
  •      Parents with outstanding complaint/feedback forms should please return to the ED’s office.
  •      Parents should please endeavor to attend our P.T.A meetings.
  •     Parents should always encourage their children on Friday theme write ups as we intend publishing a Journal at the end of the academic session.
  •     Parents who have changed their Emails & phone numbers should forward new contacts to us on resumption to enable us update our records.
  •      The school has provided tights for the female students to ensure uniformity. Henceforth, all parents are advised to purchase one for their child(ren) as the use of long and raised colored tights will not be allowed in the school.
  •       Henceforth, the terms results for scholars with outstanding project and / or assignment will not be released until after completion.
  •       School registration and other forms should be returned on or before 24th January 2014.
  •         The schools academic standard is closely monitored to achieve excellence.
  •         We encourage parents to do their best in changing uniforms for their child(ren) per session (optional), as one is addressed the way he or she is/are dressed.
  •         Proper dressing should be maintained at all times, which are; black shoes, white socks, white canvass, School tie, e.t.c.
  •         This term’s career week will feature activities like; ‘Doctors in School, Training on Arts and Crafts, etc.
  •         Upon the close of the day, all student are expected to observe prep from the dismissal time till they are picked up from school to enable    them copy some notes they may have not completed in class and also cultivate the habit of private reading and revision of the day’s lesson.
  •         The improvement on scholars punctuality to school last term should be maintained.
  •         Tell friends, relations, colleagues and neighbors about LWA.


We feel sad to note that most of our scholars detest enrolling in extra-curricular activities. Most who are forced to enroll, do so in less challenging areas. Sadly, some parents clearly make a decision that academics triumphs and must take precedence. LWA strongly disagrees with this philosophy and would like to take this opportunity to fight for the embracing of extra-curriculum in students’ lives.

We believe that all young people have a talent or area where they can excel. Finding talents within students that lack confidence, and those that are low academic achievers is exceptionally important. Normally, for such scholars, the talent will lie within extra-curricular activities, and could only be unraveled through building their character.

Extra curricular activities also teach our children the importance of perseverance, hard work training/Practice, commitment, diligence as well failure, and build up their competitive spirit generally.

In short, we believe that fostering an interest in activities beyond the classroom is of vital importance to a child’s development.

Note that extra curricular activities would:

Raise your child’s self esteem.

Harness talent, the right way,

Serves as stress busters.

Enhance good social life and integration for introverted children.

Allow and teach team work.

Ignite activeness among timid children and build self confidence.

Lead to better time management.

Conclusively, all LWA parents are encouraged to monitor and get their children to :

   -       Grab every opportunity given.

   -       Try out every thing positive.

   -       Be a part of any school extra curricular activities.

Our promise is that they will soon discover a new side to themselves, previously unknown.

Together, let’s make them the Heroes of their time!!!


LWA Second Inter House Sports is billed to take place on Saturday 22nd February, 2014. All our esteemed parents will be fixed appropriately in their houses and are being reminded to identify with their respective houses. Parents will be expected to participate actively and compete in various events. We welcome sponsors/volunteers.

Make it a date with LWA!


We appeal to all our esteemed parents to note the dates and programmes/activities scheduled within the term. As a principal collaborative stakeholder, parents are expected to encourage their children to be proactive by giving them the necessary support to enable them carry out and complete all tasks given to them.

  WEEK 1      LWA New Year Day

  WEEK 2      LWA Recycling Week

  WEEK 3      Debate/Class Spelling Bee and LWA Healthy Habit Week

  WEEK 4      LWA Transportation Week

  WEEK 5      Mid-Term Break

  WEEK 6      Inter-House Sports (Heat) andHome-based Projects submission deadline

  WEEK 7      LWA Mother Tongue Day

  WEEK 8      Math Mole and LWA SafetyWeek

  WEEK 9      Excursions (LWA Career Day)

  WEEK 10    Poetry/Reading

  WEEK 11    Evaluation 2 / Examination

 WEEK 12    Easter Cantata / Vacation

Details are as provided in the activity schedule


We wish to use this medium to sincerely welcome you into LWA family. The following members of staff have been recruited to beef up our service delivery.

-  Andong Josephine.      French


-  Akande Florence.        Mathematics

-  Nwobi Noble.              English

We wish them a fulfilled stay in Lordswill Academy.

LITTLE BABY BOY JOHN MARK, we welcome and love you too! Parents should be rest assured that this term promises to be more result oriented.