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VOL., 1 NO. 2

FIRST term 2016/2017   academic session

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ur Beloved Parents,

Compliments of the season! We are most grateful to Almighty God, the author and finisher of life for having brought us to the end of this term and more especially the end of the year, 2016.  We appreciate Him for His benevolence on the LWA family. 

To you our esteemed parents, we love and appreciate the loyalty you have reposed in us over the years. We assure you that we shall continue to serve you optimally each day for the betterment of our future leaders – our scholars. 

We are pleased with the unflinching commitment of our staff and their burning desire to deliver to the latter in the holistic building up of our scholars. 

To you our esteemed parents, we assure you that our desire to deliver on educational best practices remains ever green in our everyday activities.








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The 2016/2017 academic session which kick started this first term was vibrant with series of academic and co-curriculum activities. The performances of our scholars this term was extraordinary as this is evident in their performances both in their Continuous Assessments and Exams as well as co-curriculum programmes. These show commitment in our scholars, as they have demonstrated diligence in their studies. We implore parents not to relent in their efforts from the home front to encourage their ward(s) to study hard when they are at home. Our dear esteemed parent, be rest assured of our commitment to academic and moral excellence. 



Thus far, this term has come and gone. The term has been filled with exciting activities and competitions both internally and externally. Our scholars participated in the International Mathematics Oympiad and the PTDF Emerging Talent Competitions for scholars in sciences.

Internally, we had our Maths Mole competition which saw the following as winners:

TCE 1- Chiamaka O’ani

TCE 2- Abubakar Hassan

TCE 3 – Elfreda, Alfred

BCE 1 – Ojikah, Vincent

BCE 2 – Ehkator, Tyrone

BCE 3 – Adedokun, David

The winners of the Spelling BEE competition are:

JPL 1 – Zara Clifford

JPL 2 – Dorika Skekari

JPL 3 – Inyang Justin

JPL 4 – Ehima Oghogho

JPL 5 – Tomi Jegede


We congratulate these scholars on their brilliant performance.




Registration for SSCE (WAEC/NECO) 2017 has commenced. We wish our scholars goodluck as they prepare for the following examinations. In the same vein, we wish to inform our dear parents that registration for BECE (NECO/ERC) will commence soon.



Saturday classes for TCE 3 and BCE 3 classes shall commence from the 28th day of January, 2017, to enable us prepare our scholars for their examinations. We wish to appeal to all our parents to drop off and pick up their children in the school on Saturdays. The classes will hold between 9am and 12noon.


The Primary Session Saturday Extension preparatory classes for Lordswill Academy Common Entrance Examination, National Common Entrance Examination and Loyola Jesuit College Entrance Examination shall take off from Saturday, 17th December, 2016.




As the world is going totally digital, we at LWA wish to blaze the trail. We plan to employ a state of the art e-learning that meets world standard. To fully blend, we have to embrace it fully.

It is no news that some scholars do not have access to computers at home and sadly still; some parents lavish their kids with ipads, and iphones which most of the times are abused by these kids.

We at LWA hereby propose an initiative that will give your child a sensored access to ICT and more importantly, yield great educational benefits. We therefore appeal to parents to be prepared as the current prices for purchase of educational tablet (for pupils) and laptop (for students) shall be communicated to them. This shall enhance the learning of our scholars.  Payments may be done install mentally. When full payment has been made, the tablet/laptop shall be given to your child as the rightful owner which he/she will use till graduation.








Keeping our scholars abreast of the trends in our community and society at large is part of the curriculum which we aim to achieve through educational visits to various sites of interest. This term, in the tenth week, our scholars paid a visit to educational and interesting places. These places included; Raw Material Research & Development Council, which was visited by the Secondary and Upper Primary. The NEXT Cash & Carry was visited by the Lower primary, while Shoprite was visited by our Pre-school pupils. By this act, we exposed our scholars to the various natural resources in Nigeria and how to effectively use them and also exposed them to professional entrepreneurial skills through buying and selling.



The use of the Communication Book as a link between the school and home is a standard we have maintained and will keep it up. Your response to our observations and issues raised will enable us offer you the very best. Kindly communicate using this medium any time a child is on medication and any official issues that concerns your child(ren) as none written communication shall not be honoured.  We plead once again that you endorse the relevant portion of the book on a daily basis. Feel free to indicate your area(s) of concern and useful suggestions.

We have noticed that some students have refused to avail their parents the communication book. In such a case, notify the school authorities and demand for it. It is a school – parents’ communication book and is meant to enhance free flow of information and aid prompt interventions as the case may be.



LWA uniform is her identity! As part of our standards and quality assurance of the school, students/pupils are expected to come into school well groomed at all times. On the strength of this, we solicit that parents make conscious effort towards procuring at least two sets of uniforms for their child(ren) at the beginning of every academic year. We enjoin parents of returning scholars in particular to please check the uniforms of their child(ren)/ward(s) and kindly replace faded, tattered and torn uniforms. Undersized shorts, skirts, pinafores or trousers are not accepted. Parents are advised to always allow their wards to come to school with the school’s pullover during this hazy season. Note that children grow at a very fast rate and outgrow their wears too. Please, also note that there are slight changes in the prizes of these uniforms; this is because of the new order (purchase) made.  Furthermore, school shoes are covered black shoes with no heels and white canvas for sports days. The approved socks are plain white socks. (Available in the school store) Please, only pin earrings (small studded) are allowed for girls and well kept hair cut for the boys. 



This term’s parents’ forum was held on the 19th day of October, 2016, by 12:00noon. The venue was the school hall. We applaud our parents who turned up for the forum. The session was revealing and interactive. Thank you for your constructive criticisms, suggestions and accepting to volunteer. We shall continue with this development so as to provide a platform for interaction amidst our Executive Director, Management and you, our esteemed parents.

Here are some salient points discussed at the forum;

In view of the general economic recession the Academy resolved not to increase school fees, but noted that the increase in fuel, diesel vis-a-vis the poor light situation in Gwarainpa. And the PHCN charges etc has greatly increased the institution running cost, she therefore appealed for volunteers to donate drums of diesel, etc to ameliorate the situation.

We appreciate our esteemed parents who voluntarily offer to support the course. So far, only two (2) parents have made donations. The idea of forming a new PTA next time we meet was also considered at the forum.



First term 2016/2017 academic session open day held on the 19th day of October, 2016. We laud our parents that availed themselves the opportunity and came in to assess the performances of their wards. That singular act showed the support from the home front as the children need to know that there is support and follow-up from the home in order “to keep them on their toes”. Remember, our doors are always open for audience with any of the management team members; the Executive Director, Principal, Head Teacher or Quality Assurance Officer. Feel free to book for a one-on-one, parent-pupil/student-school conference any time.



The LWA bench mark still remains 70%. We assure our esteemed parents that all parameters are in place to enable us achieve the above bench mark. We enjoin every parent to keep partnering with us so as to enable us serve you better.









With Friday themes, we vigorously pursue the exposure of our scholars to global issues and standards. This is geared towards making them fit to compete with their counterparts both within and outside the shores of Nigeria. Our Friday theme encourages research, critical thinking, self confidence as presentations are made by the writer which brings out the best in our scholars.

In a bid to step up our learning processes through our Friday Themes, this term’s themes were role played by our scholars. It was wonderful and captivating! This process of role play brings out hidden talents and skills imbedded in our scholars. We wish to continually appeal to our esteemed parents not to relent in their efforts in ensuring the LWA’s vision of developing the total child. You are the best parents ever!



We had a more disciplined atmosphere this term considering the fact that over the years, there has been significant improvement in scholar’s discipline. We attribute this to the support of most parents who in partnership with us, inculcate sound morals in the children. We sincerely encourage our esteemed parents to continue with this laudable practice at home as we promise to keep counseling and correcting them on unacceptable and unusual behahviour, thus producing better Nigerian children.



 We must commend the efforts of our parents on the slight improvement we have noticed in punctuality this term. Our expectations are high, so, we still appeal that more commitment be made, since this forms part of our character development training for LWA scholars. Resumption time is on or before 7:45am and all students are expected to be in school latest by 7:30am daily. We appeal to parents to please assist the school to entrench punctuality in our children. Remember, lateness to any programme is globally taken as indiscipline.


As a follow-up, the policy of locking the school gate after 8:00am or requesting defaulting parents to sign in their wards will fully be enforced. Please note that where this becomes a routine, the parent(s) in question shall be requested to meet with the school management team for conferencing.



Image result for pictures of sporting activities

We wish to remind our esteemed parents of our sport days; Pre-school, Lower Primary and Secondary – every Wednesday while Upper Primary is every Thursday. Scholars are to appear in their sport wear on these days.



https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTxIgmxw8FGzIb6Pgl9yHtkPd67EMAXQvPCyvbkYY4QSwBjfR8jaeXvsLm8 Entrepreneurial skills cannot be over emphasized in our current day economy; this is why in LWA, the vocational department is poised to develop talents and skills embedded in our scholars. This is achieved by the use of waste materials, natural resources within the environs as well as the use of the computer. These materials and resources include; newspapers, raffia palm, clay and the likes. Our scholars are also taught how to bake cake, make liquid soap, shampoo, body creams amongst others.

We appeal to our esteemed parents to encourage their wards to carry out whatsoever they have learnt in school at home. Parents should please provide them with necessary materials.



The Language and Humanities Department comprises: French, English studies, Lit-in-English, Hausa, Igbo, Social Studies, Civic Education, CRK, IRK, Government, Economics, Business Studies, and Accounting.

We have discovered with dismay that the attitude of our students towards our indigenous Languages (Hausa and Igbo) is not encouraging. We are therefore calling on our esteemed parents to encourage their children to also give priority to other Languages (Hausa, Igbo and French) besides English as these Languages are meant to help them realize their dreams of becoming global citizens, take their place in the international scene and as well give them identity as Nigerians.

We look forward to seeing a subject discrimination free academic session, come second term and the rest of the academic years.

We are hoping and looking forward to having parents volunteering to teach Yoruba language as was discussed at the last parents’ forum.



We solicit the support and cooperation of our esteemed Parents to minimally put their ward(s) through in carrying out all their assignment and projects. We applaud you, our esteemed parents as you help them with the various materials they need to carry out these projects and assignment. 


Please, note that your ward(s) are coming home with their home-based projects which should be completed and returned back to school on the first day of resumption, being the 9th of January, 2017.



Our after school programme for the Pre-school scholars is still running. Time for the programme is 1:30pm – 5:00pm on Mondays through Fridays. Special teachers are assigned to take care of pupils; educative programmes are designed for them, inclusive of cartoons etc are played for them while they are always properly taken care of. An additional Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000.00) only shall be added to school fees for interested parents.



This has been on board fully since September, 2016. We still have very few available spaces on a first come, first serve basis. Don’t miss the opportunity of this conducive and safe environment for your baby.



Good news! The compulsory mentoring in the primary and secondary section of the academy is ongoing. This mentoring holds every Thursday between 3pm – 4pm. Parents are reminded of the closing time by 4:00pm for the said day. Kindly cooperate with us so that we can serve you better. We thank you for keying into our vision.



https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRAm414wzQodNBhwJUkpwn_RkBMhwW2RCMF9PnwusXtT2rheC4T We thank our esteemed parents who make use of our bus shuttle. We appeal to all our parents whose children use the bus service to please make payment before second term’s resumption so as to enable us have adequate preparation for a smooth take off of second term. Note that scholars yet to make payment by resumption shall not be picked or returned. We are thanking you in anticipation for your prompt response. To assist us serve you better, parents are encouraged to always counsel their wards on best behaviours during bus shuttle. Parents should always make ready their wards before the arrival of the bus as a minute extra spent in one house definitely distorts the routing of that particular bus.

We are appealing to parents who do not use the bus service to always pick up their wards immediately the school closes. We observed some parents still pick up their ward(s) late after school hours. This is not healthy for our scholars.

We also use this medium to appeal to parents not to allow minors to drive their ward(s) to school.



This is to remind our parents and guardians that some misplaced items (cardigans, school ties, blazers, water bottles etc) are in the school store. Parents are advised to kindly visit the store for identification, confirmation and collection. Please note that evidence of ownership shall be required for collection. Labeling of ward’s item for easy identification is highly recommended.



The Transit Connect Titanium Wagon in Race Red.

We appeal to parents who wish to travel with their child(ren) to always schedule such trips during holidays as a day off school means a lot in the teaching/learning process. This is to enable us complete each term’s scheme of work with every scholar. We wish all our scholars and parents journey mercies as you embark on various travel this festive period. Thanking you for your understanding and co-operation.



We wish to remind our esteemed parents that the duty of raising a child is a collaborative effort of both the parents and the school. To enable us achieve this great task, parents should always take conferencing as a platform to dialogue and partner with the school to bring out the best in the children. We thank all our parents who responded to invitation for conferencing this term.



In line with our school’s policy, no parent is allowed into the class unless on special permission by the school authority. Parents are therefore advised to ensure scholars come to school with their lunch packs. Please, help us to serve you better.

We wish to notify our esteemed parents to always sit in the school hall as they come for pick up of their ward(s) at closing hours. We assure you that our staff shall always be on the alert to attend to you.




Ballet is an artistic dance form performed to music which requires precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures. In LWA, we strive for excellence in all that we are engaged in, that is why we had to change our ballet service provider, when we noticed they were not meeting our standards. The club performance has improved over the term. We believe that this will go a long way in promoting a better posture, sculpts and tone, develop the body of scholars. Other benefit includes; relieve stress, body flexibility and creative expression of the body. We encourage parents to allow their ward(s) to key into this great club of ours.

Ballet Club is fun and interesting, come join us!



Preparations are on top gear to get a service provider for the school’s gymnastic club. It promises to be fun and entertaining. It shall keep our scholars fit for the day to day activities. Parents shall be fully briefed once arrangements have been concluded.




We register our great appreciation to our beloved parents who contributed immensely to our charity week activities. This singular act led us to visiting the orphanage home – Heritage Homes, here in Gwarinpa. We pray the good Lord to bless you and your entire family abundantly. The scholars were humbled and some were physically broken down, as they wept profusely at the sight of the abandoned children.



With regards to the economic situation and the fact that we have not increased our school fees, we are pleading with our dear parents to partner with us so as to enable us safeguard the future of children. We wish to appeal to parents to volunteer in any way they can as was discussed and agreed at the parents’ forum. Such areas include; diesel for our generating plant (this cost us about N250,000.00 per term), fueling of the school buses (this cost us about N950,000.00 per term), all these are exclusive of maintenance charges, teaching (teacher in different subject areas), facilitating of training sessions (both for staff and scholars) etc.

We are also appealing to our dear Parents to donate water dispenser machines for us as two of the school’s water dispensing machines are bad. This makes supply of water to scholars cumbersome as our scholars cue up on just one machine. We are also in dare need of library books. Thanking you as we look forward to your volunteering.




Christmas is a season of good tidings, when love is shared with our neighbours and loved ones. In keeping with the tradition, on Monday the 5th day of December, 2016, we in LWA had commenced our Christmas fiesta/end of year party. Our scholars enjoyed with our mobile swimming pool which was mounted in our premises. Members of staff were not left out as it was a day marked out for us to have fun. Indeed it was fun filled on that day.


On Thursday, the 8th day of December, 2016, we witnessed the Christmas party proper. It was a great day as our parents trooped into LWA premises in large numbers, elegantly dressed in their colours of the season. Our scholars thrilled our parents with various presentations on class based. It was a wonderful day to behold. We laud our dear parents for having honoured our invitation. Your presence made our day!



There shall be a tea party in Jan, 2017 with the JPL 5 scholars, their parents and Management of LWA to discuss the way forward for their wards. A date will be communicated to those concerned. Thank you in anticipation as we look forward to your honouring our invitation.



We have observed that over 90 percent of our scholars use food warmers that do not retain heat, thereby making children to eat cool food. 

In view of this, we are considering the likelihood of reopening our canteen again come second term 2016/2017 academic session. Kindly let us know if you would want your child(ren) to eat from the school canteen.

Secondly, we have noted that most children are ignorant of how to use cutlery sets and do not have the correct eating habits.



Second term 2016/2017 academic session resumes on the 9th day of January, 2017. Parents are to please take note and ensure that their ward(s) are back to school on the above date. A day off school means missing out on studies for that day, remember, studies begin on the day of resumption.

All scholars are to turn in their projects to their respective teachers on resumption day.



SEN Department has been fully initiated in LWA. Some scholars has been identified as challenged in Mathematics, English and Sciences through our checklist assessment. Strategies has been put in place to help the scholar’s concerned manage their weakness and still maintain the same pace with their mates.

A conference of the parents concerned will be scheduled in January 2017, to enable us collaborate with the scholar’s parents for an excellent result. So far, a lot was put in this term and it is expected that parents have started seeing the result.



As Nigeria and Nigerians resolve to shun corrupt practices and look inward to generate income from legal means particularly as revenue from the oil industry is unstable, LWA must not be left behind. We are taking a lead role in positioning scholars to face the reality of the Economic Recession and tackle it. Accordingly, five areas of trade are being introduced into our Pre-school and Primary curriculum. Subjects will be made more functional and result-oriented in the area of wealth creation. To make these happen, we seek parent’s cooperation and active collaboration.



Admission for the 2016/2017 Academic Session is in progress. Enroll your child(ren) now into Crèche, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior and Senior Secondary Schools. LWA is the school for your child. Please endeavour to tell your friends, relations and neighbours about us. We are “THE PERFECT LINK TO EXCELLENCE”. Log on to www. lordswillacademy.org for details.



We wish to remind you that in line with the CBN cashless policy, the management of LWA once again wishes to inform you that the payment of fees can now be done through the following ways:

a)    Funds transfer through direct instant platform via individual banks

b)   Online payment via the school portal.

c)    Manager’s Cheque (Bank Draft)

d)   POS at the Account Office

In all cases (except Manager’s Cheque), parents should please ensure that the names of the child(ren) and their class(es) are clearly written for easy identification. We appeal that parents should always pay up on time to enable us serve them better. The due date for payment of 2nd term 2016/2017 academic session is 27th January, 2017. Fee drive is slated to take effect from the 31st day of the same month. We are thankful to parents who have made payment already.

In view of the economic recession, payment plan may be approved for parents after due process, courtesy of the Executive Director.



We thank our dear parents who turned out to collect their child(ren) result. We are still appealing to parents who are yet to do so to collect their ward(s) result as staff are still on duty.



LWA family is most grateful to God for His blessings on her. The following members of staff shall be getting joined in holy matrimony as slated;

Ajah, Margaret – on Saturday, 17th December, 2016, at St. JohnMary Vianney Catholic Church, Kubwa III Extention, Abuja.

Sani, Abigail – on 27th December, 2016, at Assemblies of God Church, Yarkasuwu, Saminaka Districk, Kaduna.

Bernard Dike – on the 31st day of December, 2016, at Stella Maris Parish, Orodo, Mbaitoli, Imo State.

We pray God to bless their marriages and wish them happy married life.



§  Parents should please reduce or discontinue cartoon watching when school is in session. Same applies to languages used at home because children learn from their environs, that is, what they see and hear. We have noticed some vulgar words used by some scholars among their peers and violent behaviours.

§  We also advise our esteemed parents to watch with kin interest the kind of friends their child(ren) keep and places they go to as kidnapping is on the increase.

§  We appeal to parents to adhere to the directives from our security men while dropping and picking the children so as not to block the entrance into the school and also to ease traffic.

§  In order to avoid misplacement of books, parents are encouraged to always monitor books brought home by their ward(s) and also ensure complete return of those books to school.

§  Parents are encouraged to always make effort to give their children food as they come to school.

§  Parents are please advised to get age appropriate story books, French, Hausa, Igbo and English dictionaries as well as Revised Standard Version Bible for their wards.

§  We strongly advise our esteemed parents to always create and spend time with their children as they need parental guide, company and warmth/friendship especially during this festive period.



We appreciate the Almighty God for his goodness upon us, the LWA family. We are thanking our Esteemed Parents for believing in us. We assure you of our best educational practices for the good of our scholars. We applaud our scholars as well as our staff for their hard work.

God bless us all.




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